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Rebecca Zamolo

Wiki, Age, Boyfriend, Height, Net Worth, Body Measurement

Date of BirthSept 28, 1982
Age36 years old
BirthplaceMartinez, California, USA
ProfessionTikToker, Influencer
Height5 feet and 5 inches
Relationship statusMarried (More info below)
Net worth$3.2M (More info below)

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Rebeca Zamolo is a social media star and influencer who became famous uploading all different kinds of videos to the social app which later will become TikTok. Her career on the internet is between blend and entertainment.

Early life and family

Rebecca Zamolo was born on September 28, 1982, in Martinez, California. Her parents are Cathy and Paul. She was raised in a big family and being the oldest one of four siblings called Jennifer, Monica, Lissa, and Michael.

Zamolo started her gymnastic career at the age of nine, practicing all these years to become what she is now. She also has a degree in Communication and Sport Management from the University of California. She has won different awards at the state and national levels. In 2014 she married her fellow YouTuber Matt Slays.

Internet Career

As said before, Rebecca started her gymnastic career at the age of nine and since then, her abilities had helped her a lot to become what she is right now. However, officially, she began to make a profit off her Incredibles abilities during her time as a cheerleader with the San Jose Bobcats, she started auditioning for TV work, and some people see the potential on her and she appeared in various TV commercials. Making those commercials, Zamolo discovered her love for performing and she continued to grow as she became a sports broadcaster for Gaucho News as she was obtaining her degree.

When she moved to LA, she started to write her destiny as a content creator. She created an account on different social media and began to upload great content and the more she worked hard, most people were following her. Most of her fame began on the extinct social media were made the most followers before she was famous on TikTok.

Rebecca Zamolo Net worth

Rebecca has a great revenue from all her work. She has been working since she was a child to accomplish her dream. She worked for a TV commercial, has a sports broadcaster, has appeared in different TV shows, was a cheerleader to the San Jose Sabercats. Was nominated in 2019 for Streamy Award for Best Collaboration. On YouTube, she made money through advertising with Google AdSense. On Instagram and TikTok she endorses different brands. Said that most sources believe that her net worth is more than $ 8 million, but our estimate is a little more realistic with $3.2 million.

Body Measurements

She has been practicing gymnastics and dancing she was nine so her body is pretty adequate to those sports. She is slim and lean with a great body configuration. She is 5ft 5 inches tall and her weight is around 123 lbs. her body measurements are 35-24-35 inches and her bra size is 34B.

Relationship status

Rebbeca Zamolo is married to her fellow YouTube star Matt Slays. They met when they were teenagers and after so many years they are still together. In some of her videos, she has said that she has been in love with him since the first day they met. All years both of them make a post on Instagram celebrating her relationships. So right, Rebecca Zamolo is a married and happy woman.

Her fight against IBD

Most of her fans only see the funny part of her videos, but many of them aren’t aware that behind all that happiness she shows us, there is a great battle against IBD. In spring 2017 she released a documentary of her fight against that sickness and how she has spent more than 8 years with inflammatory bowel disease. But the worst part of her fight wasn’t even the IBD but the anxiety that she suffered because all the time she was going out she needed to see where were the bathrooms and even when she was dining outside. Right now, she is in a campaign to help people with that disease.

Rebecca Zamolo trivia

  • She has pet dogs.
  • Her favorite actor is Robert Downey Jr.
  • She has a very high income.
  • She has more than 10 married to Matt Slays.
  • She has suffered IBD for more than 8 years.

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