Megan Barton Hanson

Megan Barton Hanson (born 6 March 1994) is an English television personality, social media celebrity, and professional model.

She is also famous for being one of the aspiring contestants on the reality show “Love Island 2018”.

Also, Megan started uploading her modeling pictures on the Instagram account in the year 2014.

NameMegan Barton Hanson
BornMarch 6, 1994
BirthplaceEssex, England, U.K.
Zodiac SignPiscis
ProfessionModel, Stripper, Columnist, Podcast Host, Actress, and OnlyFans Star


She was born on March 6, 1994 in London, England. She was born and raised in the English family.

He father’s name is Kevin Barton-Hanson

Her brother’s name is Curtis Barton-Hanson


Paul Chaplin, former adult film entertainment boss, dated Megan for 18 months before she found fame on Love Island and even paid for her apartment, later, they were spotted vacationing together in Tenerife, London, before they split just months before Love Island 2018.

Tommy Brady, british slalom canoe who became a model, participated in the 2018 reality show Love Island. He got involved with Megan for a reality show. However, his relationship with Megan for three months had to run aground because Tommy had betrayed Megan.

Wes Nelson and Megan met on the reality TV show Love Island in 2018. Later, they were in a relationship until the end of the show and declared their love for each other. Unfortunately, Megan dumped Wes because of a failed sex life.

Megan is probably dating someone, but she doesn’t want to show off in front of social media.


Megan Barton-Hanson began her career as a model and later rose to fame as a contestant on the famous TV show Love Island in 2018.

Further, she had posed for Maxim Magazine and on the front of 66 Magazine. She had likewise shown up on the TV show The Real Full Monty in May 2019 to help a noble cause.

Prior to coming to popularity, she had brought in a heap of cash working as a stripper, though it did not last long.

However, she later joined the members-only platform called OnlyFans, sharing recordings and photos of her body.

Not long after that, she made a sex-positive podcast called You Come First, which is expected to be her new source of income. In this case, she made her popularity gain more.

Also, besides appearing in TV shows and magazines, she appeared in the documentary series Kathy Burke: Money Talks (2021).


The reality star has uploaded 861 pics, 127 videos on her social media profiles, with her output attracting more than 155,000 likes.


Check all the content she uploads on her social medias now!

FACEBOOKMegan Barton Hanson


Megan Barton-Hanson’s net worth is around $3 million. In this case, she got a lot of money from several jobs such as model, OnlyFans star, and Instagram star.

She currently works as a swimsuit model, social media personality, and reality star.

Her earnings come from endorsements, public appearances, and modeling.


  • She likes Italian food and loves to explore different parts of the world.
  • Megan came onto the TV show Love Island (2018) on the eighth day and turned into a major sensation from her very first day there.
  • She has a pet hamster.
  • Megan was brought up in England.
  • She has a strong character.
  • Megan admitted that the possibility of dating somebody seems to be more like a great deal of work than fun.
  • Also, she used to struggle with her eating routine.
  • Megan is sexually unbiased and pretty open about it.
  • She thinks that individuals in their places of superstar status ought to talk straightforwardly and truly about practicing safe sex.
  • As a little girl, she was constantly bullied, and this negatively affected her self-assurance.
  • She has been extremely open about the fact that she has had a few facial changes through plastic surgery.
  • Her ideal type is a straight girl.


Megan claimed that contestants are now more interested in brand deals than shaking things up on the series.

She said that people are ‘too safe’ and concerned about how they come across since influencer Molly-Mae Hague’s success in 2019, wanting to emulate her popularity.

Megan said: ‘I did watch Love Island this year. Everyone is being too safe. They want to sit on the fence and not offend anyone or steal anyone’s boyfriend. 

‘I think that because people like Molly-Mae have gone on to make billions of pounds, people are being too sensible because they want to be liked.’

The television personality also claimed that in previous seasons of the show, people would be ‘ruthless’ and let their personalities shine through.  

Now, she believes the show also needs fresh perspectives and a new format.

The beauty has suggested that there should be a version for middle-aged people or an LGBTQ+ series. 

Megan quipped that the series is in need of ‘Karens’ who have deep conversations and know what they want instead of people who just want a PLT deal.  

The stunning Riley is 5 ft 4 in tall and weighs 51 kg, or 112 lbs. She wears size 6 shoes and has a body measurement of 32-28-34.
Her eyes are green, and she has brown hair. Her right shoulder’s back and the entire top to the base of her spine are covered in the other tattoo.

Ashley Mathews is the real name of Riley Reid.

NameAshley Mathews
BornJuly 9, 1991
BirthplaceMiami Beach, Florida, U.S.
Zodiac SignCancer
NicknameRiley Reid
ProfessionErotic model, Pornographic actress


Reid had lived in cities like Carol City, Tampa, and Miami during her time in Florida, where she was accustomed to frequent moving.

Reid, who planned to become a teacher, studied psychology at Florida International University. She began her early career as a dancer before advancing her career into the adult film sector in 2011.

Riley Reid, also known as Paige Riley. She is renowned for her success in the entertainment industry in addition to her attractive appearance and desirable body shape.
In Miami Beach, Florida, the United States, she was born on July 9, 1991. By 2021, she will be 30 years old. She is the recipient of numerous honors, including the XBIZ Award. With her performance, she undoubtedly won the hearts of millions of young people. In her career, she has made appearances in over 450 movies. Her body is free of tattoos.


Reid is now happily married to free runner, Pasha Petkuns, with whom she shares a young daughter, Emma.


Before beginning her acting career in adult films, Reid began her career as an adult dancer in nightclubs. With the name Paige Riley, she started her career in 2011 at the age of 19. Reid first appeared in Reality Kings’ In the VIP as an extra.

On their list of “10 adult film actresses who could be the next Jenna Jameson” from 2013, LA Weekly ranked Reid eighth. She was also included in CNBC’s list of “The Dirty Dozen,” which included the most well-known stars in the business.


Riley has become quite the internet celebrity and is well known for watching pornographic movies as well as social media (she has almost 2 million followers on Twitter alone). TikTok, Snapchat, Fancentro, and Instagram are just a few of Riley Reid’s other social media accounts.

After her previous account was deleted, Riley Reid recently created a brand-new Instagram profile (@TitsOutKickedOut). You can tell Riley has a sense of humor by looking at her new username.


This adorable little babe enjoys using social media to communicate with her followers and share sexy nude images and videos.



Riley Reid purchased a lavish new home in 2021 and as of 2023, he has a net worth of $12 million (£9 point 8 million).

She reportedly paid $4.8 million (£4 million) in cash for her brand-new mansion in the Pasadena neighborhood of Los Angeles.

The nearly 5,000 square foot home has four bedrooms, six bathrooms, and is situated on 3 point 6 acres of land.

From her OnlyFans subscriptions alone, she is said to earn $570,000 (£464k) per month.


  • This silly girl can still ride topless in front of her neighbors so they can spread rumors about her despite receiving so many awards. She becomes more addictive because of her attitude, just like the girl next door.
  • Even in the hot red scenes she creates for her photo shoots and interviews, she prefers to watch herself.
  • She feels that as a victim of cyberbullying, it has been difficult for her to date, live a normal life, have a family, and have intimate relationships. In her professional life, she prefers to be used.
  • Next to Jenna Jameson, she received ten actress nominations in the 2013 LA Weekly.
  • The XBIZ Awards, which in 2014 recognized “Female Performer of the Week,” are among those that state “Best New Starlet.”. ” .
  • Future motherhood causes her some trepidation. She worries that it will lead to bullying of her children. She claimed that because she was a pornstar, her life had become a little more challenging. This therefore is not an exception.
  • She also participated in a Riley Reid photo shoot, despite the fact that she dislikes enjoying her work.


Riley Reid, an adult movie actor, has given an explanation of why she has stopped making specific pornographic videos.

Reid has stopped filming the specific scenes that arguably propelled her to fame back in the 2010s, though she hasn’t completely left the industry.

Reid discussed her sudden change in direction in her career and gave the specific reasons she will no longer appear in boy-girl porn.

Reid continued, “I didn’t retire, but I just stopped shooting boy-girl porn,” in the Jordyn Jones podcast. “.

She said, “I made that choice on my own, but I did so because I was lonely and I wanted love and affection and stuff.”.

Reid acknowledged that she was “not going to be able to find” such things “while performing,” which led her to decide to completely rule out the scenes, claiming that it made dating “really hard.”.

I’ve dated men who asked, “Me or porn? ” and I responded, “Porn never gave me this ultimatum, so I chose that. “I say,” she said.

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