Famous Influencers Biographies

Famous Influencers Biographies

Anllela Sagra

Anllela Sagra is a Colombian fitness model, fitness trainer, bodybuilder, OnlyFans star, and YouTube star.

She was famous because of her attractive body and firm abs.

NameAnllela Sagra
BornOctober 6, 1993
BirthplaceMedellin, Colombia
Zodiac SignLibra
NicknameAnllela Sagra
ProfessionFitness Model, Bodybuilder, Fitness Trainer, YouTube Star, OnlyFans Star


Anllela Sagra has been dating fellow bodybuilder Tomas Echavarria since 2015. They have been in a relationship and she is often sharing photos of them on her social media.


Anllela Sagra’s enthusiasm for wellness and fitness began when she was 18. At that age she began hitting the gym.Though her friends suggested she quit if she wanted to pursue modeling, she took an interest in fitness competitions instead.

When one of her coaches in the gym suggested her to make fitness and bodybuilding as career, she took the suggestion in and started giving fitness training through sites.

She started her YouTube channel focusing on giving tips about wellness and well-being.


This babe enjoys using social media to communicate with her followers and share sexy nude images and videos.

YOUTUBEAnllela Sagra Official


Anllela Sagra’s net worth is estimated at $3 million. She is sponsored by supplement brand 1Up Nutrition. Her name is known among bodybuilders and fitness models.

She accumulated her wealth from her modeling and endorsements. She also works as a trainer which can help her earn her wealth.

She accumulated her wealth from her modeling and endorsements. She also works as a trainer which can help her earn her wealth.


  • She initially wanted to become a fashion model and study fashion design, but then fell in love with fitness and took a career in it instead.
  • Many suggested she quit fitness because it would ruin her modeling career, but she decided to commit full time to fitness.
  • She workouts twice a day for 90 minutes each session.
  • She was the first Colombian fitness model.
  • Her sister, Laura Sagra also a popular fitness model.
  • Her favorite body part is her abs.
  • She eats four meals a day to help her store enough protein for muscle gain.
  • Though she engages in a full body workout, she pays a lot of attention to her lower body workout and works on her glutes.
  • She schedules four cheat days a month and her cheat food would be hamburgers, cheesecake, and French fries.
  • She previously worked with Ohrangutang in their photoshoot.
  • When she workouts, she prevents herself from eating carbs.
  • She loves Disney World and named it the perfect date place.
  • Her favorite color is white.
  • The things she did first when wake up was drink coffee.
  • Her YouTube channel has more than 394,000 subscribers.

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